Date: 16th August 2019 at 2:55pm
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Another Marcelo Bielsa press conference has come and gone and once again he has given away his team for this weekend.

This time he addressed the fact that a number of supporters have told him to stop naming his starting XI, but that didn’t prevent him from spilling the beans.

He told journalists that his team for the Wigan game this weekend would be the same as the side that lined up against Nottingham Forest last week.

Journalists and fans found the way that he answered the question quite funny and while the Argentine did answer the question in a humorous way it doesn’t mean giving his team away was any less of a bad idea.

The 64-year-old knows better than anyone that slight advantages on the pitch can be all the difference. He infamously spied on the opposition last season in order to gain a small edge, yet he’s willing to grant his opponents some vital information for free.

This weekend Wigan will know exactly what to prepare for, they won’t have to change their plans late on, and they won’t have to worry about any surprises they may have to face.

Perhaps it’s not the biggest advantage in the world, but it’s at least something. Bielsa is a man who understands the importance of preparation, so it makes no sense that he’s so happy to give away beneficial information to opposition managers.

The Argentine gets absolutely nothing out of revealing his team a couple of days before the fixture, whereas his opponents get a slight advantage. Indeed, it’s endearing for the journalists and it’s a funny quirk, but it’s a practice that really should stop.


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