Date: 12th August 2019 at 1:30pm
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Leeds United fans on Twitter have been reacting to the suggestion that Jose Mourinho should replace Marcelo Bielsa as the manager of Leeds United.

The argument started after a fan called into BBC Radio 5 live saying that the former Manchester United manager is wasted on punditry after he made his Sky Sports debut over the weekend.

The caller clearly wasn’t happy that a football brain such as Mourinho’s wasn’t being utilised to its full potential, and he called for him to take a job in the Championship.

Of course, Leeds already have a high profile manager in charge in the shape of Bielsa.

The Argentine was once heralded as the best coach in the world by Pep Guardiola, and he’s a favourite amongst supporters of the Yorkshire club.

It’s a testament to the talents of Bielsa that a number of Leeds fans scoffed at the idea of a two-time Champions League winner replacing him.

Some supporters couldn’t actually believe what they were hearing, and they thought that the caller must have been playing a joke to have suggested swapping Bielsa for Mourinho.

Others claimed that Bielsa was the superior manager and that the work he has done on such a shoestring budget would be impossible for Mourinho to top.

Another section of the fanbase went as far as to say that they wouldn’t swap Bielsa for anyone. One fan stated that he wouldn’t even want Guardiola in his place.


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